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SOS Bus & Health Bus Conversions

Double Decker Bus Conversion

Promotional Bus Health bus conversions are built with visitor and staff safety in mind, all aspects of the conversion are planned, designed and built to last by qualified tradesmen all of whom have vast experience converting buses and HGVs of all sizes.

Our health bus conversions have being carried out on all manner of vehicles from small trailers to HGVs, Single deck buses to large Double deck buses.

Whatever your health bus conversion requirements are Promotional Bus Coach building services are here to assist

If you are looking for short-term hire of a Health or SOS bus then visit our Health Bus Hire Page

Our SOS and health bus conversions can come with the following basic fixtures

  • Disabled access
  • Private Consultation Rooms
  • Waiting areas
  • Ticketing System
  • Security Cameras
  • Secure Storage
  • Onboard TV's & DVD Players
  • Hand Wash Facilities
  • Onboard Generator
  • External Awning
  • Inside/Outside Branding
  • Exam Beds

SOS Bus Conversions

Single Decker SOS Bus Conversion Single Decker SOS Bus Conversion Interior Single Decker SOS Bus Conversion Single Decker SOS Bus Conversion Interior

Our SOS bus conversions are usually based upon single decker buses and can be converted for single purpose SOS use, with the features you require to assist people leaving pubs/clubs who's wellbeing may be threatened.

Alternatively we can convert the bus for dual purpose use i.e. SOS bus at night, Information system or youth project bus during the day.

Some of the features incorporated in to the SOS bus conversion would be security cameras and panic buttons for staff safety, fixed or movable examination bed, toilet, ramp access, built-in generator

Health Bus Conversions

Single Decker Health Bus Conversion Double Decker SOS Bus Conversion Single Decker SOS Bus Conversion Single Decker Health Bus Conversion Interior Single Decker Health Bus Conversion Interior

Health bus conversions can be based upon single or double deck buses and can be converted with many different features, including private consultation rooms, hand wash facilities, disabled access, examination beds, waiting areas, external awnings, Internal TV's to name but a few.

Depending upon the size of the vehicle we can incorporate other features within the conversion of the health bus i.e. Group meeting or discussion areas, information areas with/without computers. The choice is yours, we are here to guide you through the process

Other Health Vehicle Conversions

Health van conversion Health HGV conversion Health HGV conversion Health Trailer Conversion

Sometimes a bus is not the vehicle of choice, this could be due to vehicle age requirements, budget constraints or locations the vehicle is destined to access.

Promotional Bus coach building services have considerable experience in converting Vans, HGV's, Trailers and even caravans in to health check vehicles.

All our converted health vehicles come with the same attention to detail and features, just on a smaller scale

More Information

For more information on our health bus conversions, please contact us using our Vehicle Conversion Quote form at the top of the page.

Alternatively telephone 01253 923800 one of our experienced specialist vehicle conversion team will be happy to assist.


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